Hippocrates Tutors is a tuition agency that specialises in Maths and Sciences. We help aspiring university students, scientists, doctors and other healthcare professionals to achieve their academic goals.

We are named after Hippocrates of Kos (460-377 Before Common Era, BCE) a physician of Ancient Greece who is often called the “Father of Medicine”. He and his followers are credited with many contributions to medical science, including championing observation and rational conclusions over mystic or religious beliefs, being the first to describe many medical diseases and creating The Hippocratic Oath – a document that serves as a foundation of modern day ethical medical practice.

Our core values


We aspire to equip students with knowledge, resources and the self-belief that they can achieve anything they choose to.

We also empower others  by making education accessible to almost anyone through online tuition and online video courses, removing location as a barrier to success.


All our tutors submit a written application and are interviewed. Only tutors who have a track record of tutoring excellence, or show much potential, will be accepted.

Great care is also taken when selecting blog posts, videos and other resources that we share.

We encourage innovative thinking by our tutors to enhance our students’ learning experiences.

We are committed to challenging our students so that they achieve their very best.

Service to others

We are committed to providing value, help and support to others, from our students to each other and the wider scientific and medical community.

We support charities and encourage volunteering.


We encourage networking, mentoring and open dialogue through Hippocrates Social Club events, our social media channels and comments on our blog articles and videos.

About our founder

Eleanor undertook a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and Synthetic Organic Chemistry at UCL. She went on to achieve a distinction in a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering with Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering at Queen Mary, University of London. She now studies Graduate Entry Medicine, manages Hippocrates Tutors and tutors students online and face-to-face.

She was inspired to create Hippocrates Tutors when a student’s mum said that she’d had a hard time finding a quality maths tutor before finding Eleanor, and that her teaching style had made a huge difference to her daughter’s enjoyment and performance in Maths.

The mother’s comment echoed Eleanor’s personal experiences with various subjects and teachers growing up and she decided to create an agency that attracted the very best maths and sciences tutors in the business.