3 Excellent GAMSAT Study Materials

The first question most GAMSAT takers ask me is, “What study materials should I use?” There are a variety of study resources you can find via the internet, but they are not all equally good…

But have no fear. You’re in luck. I’ve helped over a dozen students to beat the GAMSAT. See below my top 3 recommended study materials.

1. ACER’s Official Practice Tests

ACER is the organisation that manages GAMSAT exams.

There is a plethora of practice tests you can find online. But quite frankly, the best practice tests are the five offered by ACER themselves (including the ‘Sample Questions’ and ‘Practice Questions’ booklets).

You can buy the practice tests on ACER’s website.

Practice Test 3 (also known as the ‘pink paper’ among test takers) is the closest in feel to the real exam. You will notice when you take it that there is a greater need for science reasoning skills, and less of a need for science knowledge, compared to the other practice tests.

2. Griffiths Review

This book has extensive advice for GAMSAT Section 1, and provides an effective strategy for the essays that are found in Section 2.

I recommend studying the book’s advice on Section 1 closely. Then, attempt the practice questions included in the book, plus any Section 1 practice questions you can find elsewhere.

Use the recommend Section 2 strategy on any practice essay tasks you can find also.

3. The Meaning Of Things by A. C. Grayling

This little book by philosopher AC Grayling offers a feast of ideas you can stea- I mean borrow for your Section 2 essays. Each chapter is essentially a short essay based around a theme, such as ‘love’.

Because GAMSAT Section 2 essays are also based around themes this makes the book a super convenient resource of ideas.


You’ve got this! Good luck.

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