Summer 2016 I was faced with the intimidating prospect of having to take the GAMSAT in order to realise my dreams. The more I read about GAMSAT, the more nervous I felt.

I remember thinking to myself, “This exam looks horrendous. How will I possibly score in the top percentiles when I’m competing with so many clever and driven people!?”

But not one to give up easily (thanks for passing that trait down to me, mum!) I researched the best preparation strategy and study materials.

It didn’t take long for me to see that not only is the test itself expensive, but many GAMSAT study materials are too.

Now on the other side of the gruelling slog that is GAMSAT, I’m excited to share with you FREE high quality resources you can use to boost your score. I use these with students that I tutor.

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GAMSAT Section 2 Essays

Section 2 Essays – Practice 1

Section 2 Essays – Practice 2

Section 2 Essays – Practice 3

Section 2 Essays – Practice 4

Section 2 Essays – Practice 5

Section 2 Essays – Practice 6

Section 2 Essays – Practice 7

GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Score Sheet

Section 2 Essays – Score Sheet

More resources coming soon…

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