Hippocrates Tutors welcomes applications from tutors who fit the following description:

  • Experienced with a proven track record of boosting students exam grades;
  • And/or show great potential through an outstanding academic record;
  • And/or have other teaching/coaching experiences (academics-related or not) in which they excelled conveying information to others;
  • And in all cases would be enthusiastic to champion our core values (see below).

Our core values


We aspire to equip students with the knowledge, resources and self-belief that they can achieve anything they choose to. We also empower others by making education accessible to almost anyone through online tuition and online video courses, removing location as a barrier to success.


All our tutors submit a written application and are interviewed. Only tutors who have a track record of tutoring excellence, or show much potential, will be accepted. Great care is also taken when selecting blog posts, videos and other resources that we share. We encourage innovative thinking by our tutors to enhance our students’ learning experiences. We are committed to challenging our students so that they achieve their very best.

Service to others

We are committed to providing value, help and support to others, from our students to each other and the wider scientific and medical community. We support charities and encourage volunteering.


We encourage networking, mentoring and open dialogue through Hippocrates Social Club events, our social media channels and comments on our blog articles and videos.

Application Form

We are not currently accepting new tutors. If you would like to work with us in the future please send a CV and cover letter of 200 words max to Eleanor (Founder) at eleanor@hippocratestutors.com