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At Hippocrates Tutors we pride ourselves on our university tutors’ ability to support current and aspiring university students.

Personal Statement Help

We will match you with a tutor who can provide detailed personalised feedback on your personal statement. As you may already know, it’s important that your personal statement stands out from the crowd.

One of the surest ways of doing this is not only to produce a personal statement of high quality, but one that is highly personalised and highlights your unique selling points. We help you to do exactly this.

Work Experience Help

We provide advice on how to acquire both paid and unpaid science-related work experience. Work experience isn’t key for succeeding in your application, but it will definitely strengthen it.

University Interviews Coaching

We will match you with a personal 1-to-1 interviews coach. Our coaches have experience being interviewed, being the interviewer or both.

Coaching sessions entail preparation advice, simulating interview conditions, practice questions and detailed personalised feedback.

University Tutoring for BSc and MSc Students

Succeeding in university is just as important as succeeding getting into university. Already in uni and struggling with the course? We will match you with one of our Expert Tutors who tutor at degree level (and beyond) and can help you succeed in your course

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